How do I know what size I wear?

How do I know what size I wear?
Different range of t-shirts comes in different measurements.This sizing chart is for 'The Art of Packaging', 'Reach for the Stars' , 'YOLO scribbles' and 'Whatever It Takes' (except red color) range.

The measurements on the size chart are of the shirt, not your body, so we recommend measuring a shirt that fits you well.

To determine the width, measure just under the armholes on one side of the garment. To determine the length, measure from the shoulder seam to the bottom seam of the shirt.

Be sure to add 0.5 to 1 inch on both measurements to account for shrinkage. Compare your measurements to the size chart to see what size best suits you.

  width length
S 41cm 62cm
M 45cm 65cm
L 50cm 70cm
XL 51cm 73cm

* All measurements shown in centimeters,
diagram not to scale.