You. Only. Live. Once.

There is a story within you that yearns to be told. Right this very moment, you are stirring it awake. What is it? Do you recall? A forgotten passion perhaps? Something you have put aside for a really long time. Or maybe, it's something that's yet waiting to be discovered. And what if it's that thing that you came to live this life for?

Now, look at your hands. Those very same hands have the capacity to shape, write, draw, and move the world to great things. You already have inside you, a story and a gift to become the best you can possibly be. This is where we urge you to never forget: you only live once. Make it count.

Created by Singapore design agency Yellow Octopus (YO) in 2007 to celebrate its 10th year in the industry, YOLO is your space for discovery, inspiration, art, design, purpose, collaboration, expression and to celebrate life.

The YOLO platform facilitates exciting collaborations, recognising rising talents, and develops innovative products to carry YOLOs message to the world. YOLO is about making the choice to live life to the fullest and drawing out everyone's hidden potential to become who they are meant to be. To inspire and be inspired.

What should you do now, you ask? First, allow yourself to dream. Everything else will come naturally. Need a poke on which direction? Browse and use the site as your compass. Great things are coming your way!

Let's YOLO.