Standing Up and Out

Instead of sleeping in on National Day in preparation of the lazy day ahead, 9th August 2012 marked the first time many young people like myself woke up bright and early to head to Scape Youth Park in order to take part in the meaningful “Stand Up for Our Singapore” movement. Created out of love for Singapore’s elderly and mothers who are sometimes overlooked on public transport, the movement aimed to mobilise the rest of society to encourage each other to go the extra mile to care for each other, starting with these two precious groups of people by standing up for them on buses and trains.

Sent out all over Singapore, each volunteer team was armed with a set of poster-sized flyers describing the movement as well as a bag of “Stand Up” badges for the elderly and mothers we would encounter on our mission. The idea was to educate as many Singaporeans as possible by sharing the movement through flyers and personally speaking to them. Despite being ‘MYOB’ (Mind Your Own Business) in nature like most typical Singaporeans, everyone was more than willing to conquer their nerves and approach strangers to talk to them.

Standing up for Singapore in this unique way on National Day brought a smile to many people we encountered, which served as a great reminder that Singaporeans are more nationalistic than we admit so. To be fair, most people we walked up to were hesitant to hear us out at first, but all reservations dissolved once we brought the idea of a ‘better Singapore’ into the picture.

Through an informal group of friends, two creative companies, Big Red Button and Yellow Octopus were in charge of the promotional videos and campaign materials respectively. Having always been an advocate for a better, more gracious Singapore, Yellow Octopus took the opportunity to contribute to the event, designing the poster-sized flyers, badges, as well as t-shirts worn by the volunteers. With a similar heart for social movements, Big Red Button produced a set of inspiring videos encouraging people to volunteer for the event, calling for a society in which “your grandma is my grandma” so that “even when trains break down, we won’t”. We hope that those who received the flyers and badges, or maybe just came across the videos and event photographs on Facebook, would strive to take small personal steps in building a more selfless Singapore.

If you didn’t get to take part in “Stand Up for Our Singapore” but would still like to pledge your support for the effort, why not buy the t-shirt for only SGD$5*? It can be found right here on our very own yolo shop. Here's to many more years of standing up and out for our amazing global city!

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