Lost in the woods

I am lost in the woods, in a forest where lions roam, bears tread and giant birds fly, where the trees reach high into the starry night, where the seas and skies stretch as far as your imagination can see.

Yes, I am in Singapore. To be precise, I’m in Millennia Walk.

In the heart of our urban jungle lies a forest grown not from grey, dull, and gritty concrete, but from vividly illustrated, lovingly coloured picture books. An unusual sight, you might think. In fact, this is no virgin forest – it’s the second.

The story of this special bookstore began in September 2009, while Singapore was still in the throes of the financial crisis. While everyone was clinging to their jobs, praying that the crisis would soon blow over, Shannon and Mike, founders of Woods in the Books, began their adventure. Braving treacherous, unexplored terrain (and poisonous business climate), this intrepid duo set up their first bookshop at 58 Club Street. Their effort is commendable and their actions are a true testament to their passion for good picture books.

Strolling in the woods of Millennia Walk was a breath of fresh air. The ambience is welcoming, the lighting gentle, and the books mesmerising. Here you will not spot tightly cling-wrapped books, pages bound, closed to the human eye – almost all of the books are open for browsing.

And browse I did. I flipped through them one by one, admiring the contents of each, enjoying the quiet Thursday morning. From the fine, clearly drawn lines of Gone Case, a graphic novel about a student’s life in Singapore, to the lusciously illustrated flora in the Secret Garden that brings Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic of children’s literature to life, there is a wide range of picture books to satisfy the most discerning of readers.

If you are searching for unique and beautiful picture books for your children, look no further. Woods in the Books has a kaleidoscope of titles which will inspire you to share the wealth of knowledge to your kids in a way that will entertain and also encourage them to read.

Similarly, Woods in the Books has a diverse collection for adults too. There is a whole section dedicated to Singaporean literature featuring anthologies by local poets and writers as well as non-fiction books such as 50 painters you must know. The bookshop also sells stationery and notebooks with interesting designs such as Yellow Octopus’ very own Make Your Mark rubber stamps!

So if you ever feel stressed, or a little overworked, take a break. Open the window, close your eyes and follow the call of the wild - it will bring you here. No maps are needed to navigate this forest (though a credit card would help), just soak in the beauty of this place, open a book, and get lost in the woods…

“Why we do what we do: To spread our love and belief in the goodness of good picture books. And, hopefully we can make a living too!” - Shannon and Mike, Woods in the Books

Opening Hours
Mondays - Saturdays: 11am - 6pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: 12pm - 6pm

58 Club Street, Singapore 069433
Telephone: 6222 9980

Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard #02-32, Singapore 039596
Telephone: 6337 3385