YOLO in London

We waved goodbye to a team of 4 from YOLO as they flew off to participate in DesignersBlock London 2010 on Monday afternoon. The event officially opened on 23 September 2010 after much anticipation.

Since opening, the response received has been awesome! Visitors threw away their inhibition and took hold of the pencils hanging from the balloons. 

They boldly drew and wrote on YOLO’s ‘Cancas of Life’. We are excited that YOLO is making its mark, inspiring many.

Eager to make your mark as well? Visit us at the Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf this weekend!

If you aren’t in London, you can share your thoughts online at ‘if life were a pencil…’

You can also write in to us requesting for a YOLO ‘Canvas of Life’.

Photos and more updates on YOLO in London are on the way… stay tuned.